SmokeBreak 1.0.1

Source:Panchromatic LLC

Track your smoking. Achieve your goals. Earn a gold star for a smoke-free day.

SmokeBreak helps you track and visualize your smoking habit, and guides you to achieving your personal goals. It's not simply a “Quit Smoking” app. You can use it to quit, or you can use it to cut back; SmokeBreak adapts to you. The app is designed to be easy to use, non-judgmental and fun.

When you first launch SmokeBreak, the app will ask a few questions about you and your goals. Perhaps you smoke a pack a day, and you’d like to cut down by half.

With this information, SmokeBreak can create a program just for you. Each day will come with a daily limit, which will grow steadily smaller until you reach your goal. Whenever you smoke a cigarette, open up SmokeBreak, and add it to your total.

Wondering how you’re doing? SmokeBreak gives you guidance in the form of a report card: you get a bronze star for achieving your goal; a silver star for beating your goal; and a gold star for not smoking any cigarettes in a day.

Whether it's a new year's resolution or a lifelong quest, you can achieve your goals with SmokeBreak!

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